Anthony Hamilton

Friday, October 11, 2019 8:00PM
Jemison Concert Hall

Anthony Hamilton
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Surviving the test of time, Anthony Hamilton will soon gift his fans with yet another compilation baring his heart and soul. Millions across the globe have bought his albums, falling deeply in love with raw, passionate notes that tell a story so familiar that it belongs to us all. His new album, “What I’m Feelin’,” merges a lifelong journey with a musical evolution that never once sacrifices his roots.


“I was an introvert growing up,” said the Grammy Award winner. “I had a wild imagination, and I would dream a lot.” These dreams included earning the world’s admiration, dominating the stage with a voice part deep, part smooth, all captivating. With “Charlene” setting the scene in 2003, he became the narrator of “love.” His debut LP, “Coming from Where I’m From,” created an undeniable connection with fans who related to the yearning, understood the pain and hoped for a life with “the one.”


And it’s his authenticity and honest depiction of the average man’s woes that keep the audience searching for him year after year. Another track from the new album “Walk in my Shoes” reminds us that no one is immune to mistakes, trials and defeats. His vocals perfectly convey a pain so deep that the song leaves little room for misinterpretation.